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Reyes Martín


Reyes Martin is a designer and artist who wants to capture in art shoes and exclusivity in a personalized way.

The work done by focusing on:

Shoes for brides, both for the wedding and once used, can save memory by displaying them in a glass case as a piece of art that are or use them on other occasions.

Shoes for parties or special events (bridesmaids, guests wedding, parties…).

Shoes for fashion designers. There are designs fashion accessories they need to complete the work of the designer, and shoes are key for it. Reyes Martin offers designers to adapt their creations on the exposed design shoes for him.

Renovating old shoes, giving a personal and original touch while to recover for use as new. Often you have a suit or dress and can not find matching shoes. If you have some old who already had a high cost, the check again that they can combine to recover in that suit, an original and personal way.


In customizing hand-painted shoes, each pair of shoes is designed and painted by hand only for you. Reyes Martin Shoes is art that can take over, it’s like wearing fashion, luxury, style and individuality to any important event, or to give a walk in the park. This is what is truly original in these creations, functional art.

The designs are created depending on the tastes and preferences, which inspire the time to do the job. Any personal details, like a bouquet, a flower, a place… anything you want the client to be translated into the shoes inspired to design. Thus it is achieved that the creation is unique and personal, so it is not repeatable each work.

She likes to look at the small details and surprise the customer with some little surprise.

She loves the opinions and reactions of customers when they have in their hands the shoes. Although it is a very detailed and complicated work, and is hugely passionate about graficante see the reactions of customers at the result.

Do you want to complete your order of shoes and other accessories to match?

We can design your purse or wallet painted to match the shoes, fans, box-showcase for shoes, or any other supplement you need.

Art is born of mind and talent grows with hands

Reyes Martín



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